Tulip cupcake cup

  • Forms are made out of parchment with two-sided siliconization
  • Forms don’t lose it mechanics properties from water impact. They are for baking and decoration.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 220 °C
  • Eliminates the need to use vegetable oil
  • Iron rigging is required for baking
  • It is possible to make “Tulip” forms with your stamp in circulation from 60 000 pieces
Product IDColour; paper thickness, g/m2Bottom diameter, mmSide height, mmCase size, Pcs
FT35х50(k)brown; 5035503000
FT50x50(k)brown; 5050502500
FT50x80(k)brown; 5050801800
FT50x95(k)brown; 5050951800
FT60x75(k)brown; 5060751600
FT60x85(k)brown; 5060851600
FT35x50(b)white; 6535503000
FT50x50(b)white; 6550502500
FT50x80(b)white; 6550801800
FT50x95(b)white; 6550951800
FT60x75(b)white; 6560751600
FT60x85(b)white; 6560851600
FT35x50(kz)brown with gold; 5035503000
FT50x50(kz)brown with gold; 5050502500
FT50x80(kz)brown with gold; 5050801800
FT50x95(kz)brown with gold; 5050951800
FT60x75(kz)brown with gold; 5060751600
FT60x85(kz)brown with gold; 5060851600
FT35x50(cv)colourful; 5035503000
FT50x50(cv)colourful; 5050502500
FT50x80(cv)colourful; 5050801800
FT50x95(cv)colourful; 5050951800
FT60x75(cv)colourful; 5060751600
FT60x85(cv)colourful; 5060851600
FT35x50(rm)pink marble; 5535503000
FT50x50(rm)pink marble; 5550502500
FT50x80(rm)pink marble; 5550801800
FT50x95(rm)pink marble; 5550951800
FT60x75(rm)pink marble; 5560751600
FT60x85(rm)pink marble; 5560851600
FT35x50(ch)black; 5035503000
FT50x50(ch)black; 5050502500
FT50x80(ch)black; 5050801800
FT50x95(ch)black; 5050951800
FT60x75(ch)black; 5060751600
FT60x85(ch)black; 5060851600

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Kraft Paper

Packaging Type

Without window

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Bakeries, Pastry shop, Coffee shop, Catering services, Restaurants, Hotels/HoReCa, Delis, Fast food restaurants, Cafés, Supermarkets


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