Printed ribbon rolls for Cake Cover “Pasticciere” Hearts

Product IDThickness, mkmHeight, mmWinding length, mWeight, kg / Volume, m3
40.40.510 (with print)40405100,8 / 0,001
40.45.510 (with print)40455100,8 / 0,001
40.50.510 (with print)40505100,9 / 0,001
40.55.510 (with print)40555101,1 / 0,002
40.60.510 (with print)40605101,2 / 0,002
40.65.510 (with print)40655101,3 / 0,002
40.70.510 (with print)40705101,3 / 0,002
  • Thickness 40 microns
  • A good solution for cake wrapping for decorative purposes, as well as for keeping the side of the cake in transit and for winding an individual piece of cake for convenience of use by the customer
  • There are different designs
  • It is possible to apply an individual logo


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