Macarons “Sweet”

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Product IDDimensions, mmMacaron quantityCase size, PcsWeight, kg / Volume, m3
ECO MB 6 Sweet 180x55x55 6 500 12 / 0,03
ECO MB 12 Sweet 180x110x55 12 300 11 / 0,03
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  • One of the best decisions for selling macarons
  • A package is made out of two parts (boxes with a window and lodgment)
  • Clear window for attractive macarons presentation
  • Lodgment has cone shape so it helps held macarons standing
  • Requires little space for storage
  • Comes in two sizes (for 6 and 12 pieces)
  • Custom Packaging
  • Unique design
  • There is a lamination

Macaron Diameter: 4,5 – 5 cm; Macaron Thickness: 2-3 cm



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